Hi, I am Tarun!

I am a PhD student in the Computation and Neural Systems (CNS) program at Caltech. I work in the lab of Professor Michael Dickinson on the flight and gaze stabilization systems of the fruit fly. My research interests involve computer vision applications for neuroethology and animal monitoring for ecological purposes.

Before Caltech, I completed my undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering at PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore. I also worked at Brown University as a research assistant for a year with Professor Thomas Serre.

Monitoring of ants in the wild using computer vision.

Optogenetically induced local search behavior in Drosophila.

Low cost zebrafish behavior monitoring system.

Computational analysis of memory guided behavior in children.

Unsupervised behavior detection in the praying mantis.

Comparison of visual features used for recognition between humans and deep networks.

More projects

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